Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This week...

This week has involved a fair amount of op-shopping; which is one of my favourite things to do. I have some wonderful finds, in this photo are from top to bottom - a small cane basket which I am using as a storage space amid my sewing area; a puzzle for a friends' daughter {a birthday present- we made a deal - only 2nd hand gifts this year}; a baby blanket which I think I will turn into a bath mat; an apron that has my favourite colours {the photo does not do any justice}; a ball of real wool; a small vase - another birthday gift; 2 small jars for tealight candles; a knitted top for myself - which will probably be dyed another colour; 2 pairs of shoes for Miss Evie - a bargain at $1 each; and underneath is a beautiful talble cloth - I am thinking about turning it into a curtain for the kitchen. 
I have also picked up some large storage jars for the pantry, some more wool, and some material.
Meanwhile.... I have been a nut knitting away and have produced 2 face washers {photo soon}; and 1 & 1/2 granny squares for the blanket that is in production.
Housework has been kept to the minimal this week with all of the knitting, op-shopping, and some gardening in the vege patch - which is looking a little neglected! On my "TO-DO List" this week is to plant some seeds, according to the Moon Calendar Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are best times to sow root vegetables. I have also cooked up another few jars of chilli jam...
Miss Evie reminded me this afternoon that I must get stuck into some ironing....
Miss Evie managed to almost empty the ironing basket and climb in, then she was stuck!! The poor child was almost swallowed up by the large pile of clothes that are waiting to be treated with some hot loving!!!
I must I must I must......get some ironing done!!!!!
I'm off to do some sewing, another favourite thing to do!!

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