Monday, March 22, 2010

Mmmm is for Monday

Monday... my day of production, I enjoy Monday's now that I am not working full time. Mr D is back at work, Miss Abbey off to school and I usually get stuck into some household chores, lots of cooking, and some "me" time when Miss Evie is sleeping - she can sleep for 2-3 hours.... Don't get me wrong, weekends are wonderful, and weekdays are productive!

The "To Do" List ..... let's check some things off this list!!

I do enjoy a little "me" time.

Today "me" time was a quick stint on the internet to search for a recipe and some knitting... I have not knitted for quite some time and all of a sudden the weather is changing and the knitting needles are click click clicking away... I made my first dishcloth....I was inspired by Jellywares, the pattern is so easy and quick, Miss Abbey has expressed her desire to make one too!!! Then I whipped up dinner, a quick stir-fry.

And then some more knitting.

Then I decided to make a yummy afternoon snack, a bit of a treat... I found this yummy choc chip cookie recipe over at ecoMilf, and they are super YUMMY!

 Miss Evie thought they were delicious too!

A bit more knitting.

After school we had some sisterly play time under the table.

And last of all, a story before bed time...
Let's hope we all have a peaceful night sleep tonight. x

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