Saturday, March 20, 2010

This week...

I have had a very productive week. Firstly Chilli Jam......
 The tomatoes and sugar were left overnight...

 This time I decided to add red onion and garlic..

mmmm, home grown hot chillies....

The end result!  Home made chilli jam, {or sweet chilli sauce}.

We have had some gorgeous Autumn weather this past week, it truly is my favourite time of the year. After a day cooking in My Kitchen, we took a trip to the beach for which will probably be our last swim for the season. I never tire of spending time playing at the beach with my girls.

I also made this jam recipe. You will find it here Auntie Doris' Peach Jam. I think it is more a marmalade than a jam, however it is delicious.
I was fortunate enough to be able to pick a whole box of peaches from a relative's tree. Yum. The recipe produced 5 jars and I still have a box of peaches, time to share them around I think....
From My Garden this week I have received minimal produce, it is disappointing that I have had caterpillars, bugs and beetles eating away and I have not been as efficient at planting seeds to keep an on going cycle of seedlings and producing plants. 

Tomatoes, Spring Onions, and small Leeks all bound for the beef casserole.

In My House this week I finally got around to de-cobwebbing the ceiling. I use this easy environmentally friendly "technique"!
All you need is a broom, a cloth/rag, lavendar water in a spray bottle (optional), lemon oil, and elastic bands.
And do this...
Spray the cloth lightly with the lavendar water and a couple of drops of lemon oil. Too much lavendar spray will make the cloth too wet and cause brown smudges on your ceiling.
Apparently Spiders do not like the smell of Lemon oil and will eventually stay away.

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