Friday, April 30, 2010

Mama has been busy

I have been getting stuck into some serious crafting this past week; I have thoroughly enjoyed it and just want to do more!!!!!!!
This is my first attempt to crochet a face washer;
 I also knitted up another simple washer and finished off the scarf for Mum;
I started knitting this cardigan for Miss Evie;
and one night in front of the t.v. I knitted up 15cm, plenty more to go;
I have almost finished another pair of pj bottoms for Miss Evie and made one of my special friend's this cute little pin cushion;
These materials are for another pin cushion for my partner's Mum for Mother's Day;
I have almost finished it;
So now I have done this, I'm off to do some more sewing, or knitting, or crocheting........and I'm looking forward to the weekend!
Ohhh, one more pic, I just love this - my girls sitting at the table together doing some drawing;

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Peaceful Parenting.....

I came across this while drifting around in blog land....

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My favourite song.

While we are talking music, I have to post this song. It is one of my all time favourite songs and never tire of it!

feel like dancing?

Here are two songs that Miss Evie and I heard on the radio this morning, we got our groove happening and danced our little selves around the lounge room.... I just love the way an almost 2 year old moves to music, such free expression and no inhibitions!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So Very Grateful

We had a visit from my dearest friend and her daughter yesterday! It was lovely to sit and chat over a cuppa as the girls all played happily together. 
We were given a huge bag of little girl clothes and shoes that have been outgrown! Miss Evie was delighted to have some new shoes to try on!!
 My dear friend does this every couple of months. 
I am so grateful to receive these clothes & shoes for Miss Evie! I had nothing of Miss Abbey's outgrown clothes stashed away as I had passed everything onto another friend believing that there would be no more children for me! I have only had to buy some bare minimals for Miss Evie and I will op-shop before buying new.

Speaking of op-shops..... have a look at what I found.....
I became very excited when I discovered this lovely wooden shape posting toy!! I had to search through several baskets to find all 6 shapes, it must have been my lucky day as they were all there!!!
Miss Evie seems to enjoy the repetitiveness of this game and this morning we started another game with the shapes!
There are so many opportunities for a young child to learn through this activity. 

Also from the op-shop; some material books.
and these too;
I have dyed two of the doilies, the rest will also be dyed other colours. They will be used for sewing onto some future projects. 

For dinner tonight, the Big Ones are having some delicious Chick Pea Curry
 you can find the recipe here. This was so easy to make, I had everything in the pantry, and it is delicious!! 
I am not sure yet what the Little Ones will be eating for dinner.

Monday, April 26, 2010

A bit of everything....

I took up the challenge this past week to re-kindle my crochet skills! How fortunate am I to have access to the internet & be able to watch a video on U-tube to ignite my skills that are hidden away somewhere in my memory. My mum taught me to crochet in my early teens, I remember crocheting away but do not remember any finished projects. Miss Abbey was quite impressed with the look of the granny square and has asked to learn how to crochet!! 
These granny squares are the beginnings of a cosy blanket for the couch in my favourite colours!
I just love plum purple!
Miss Evie has been busy, she has a nasty bruise on her forehead after a fall from a dining chair!!
Miss Abbey was away at a friends' birthday sleepover, so Miss Evie and I spent some one on one time.
and she is still fascinated with Shoes.....
I also had time to make a yummy loaf of bread!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

craftyness + thriftyness

This week has been about making some Mother's Day presents for my Mum;
a simple pin cushion and a lightweight scarf
I have also made a present for a friends' daughter
I found the tutorial for this doll here at One Red Robin.
I made these leggings for Miss Evie from a jumper.
I am going to alter these two ladies t-shirts & turn them into dresses for Miss Abbey.
I found these two patterns at the op-shop yesterday and am planning to knit the girls and myself a top each! Pretty nice bargain!
Just love the '80's hair-do's!!

I came across this blog while browsing the Ravelry site, 
I cannot read or speak French but I become mesmerised while looking through her blog and photos. It must be the idea of everything being French, it truly fascinates me.
I am going to have a go at making this, I have translated the pattern into English using Google, and I will search for some wool or cotton so I can get it started!!

the love of shoes continues;

Sunday, April 18, 2010

more from my vege patch

Hooray; yesterday I made it my priority to spend lots of time pottering out in the vege patch. There was plenty to do and the weather was just simply delightful, I really enjoy the 'Indian summer' weather, it is my favourite.
I planted out the carrot seedlings, we have 2 varieties, orange and purple!

I planted out the cabbage seedlings, the bottles and cups are to help protect against slugs, snails, and white cabbage moth.
It may look like a photo of sugar cane mulch, but it is actually where the garlic bulbs have been planted out...
Next to plant out will be the new broccoli seedlings that have just started to pop up

I am loving the look of the Leeks, I think they are a bit triffid-ish.....
There are lots of chillies on the way
and Zucchini too

and more delicious Beetroot

and there will be more to plant out next week!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

A little girls' love of shoes begins!

miss evie shae
Originally uploaded by My Curly Patch

Little Miss Evie has just recently discovered shoes! Everyday she selects a matching pair from our shoe basket and puts the oversized shoes onto her tiny feet, she even manages to walk around the house with the shoes on!!
Watch for more photos soon!

From My Vege Garden;

I am guilty of neglecting my vege patch of late...... I have been pre-occuppied with knitting and sewing, and op-shopping, and cleaning the house, and cooking.......and anything else that pops up!

I ventured out for a little look this morning in the lovely sunshine. To my surprise I discovered.....
Some baby pumpkins, I hope they make it!
I wonder what this will become, it has popped it's little self up from the compost..I think it may be a zucchini!
I have some garlic to plant, this is the first time I am attempting to grow garlic....
and the butter beans have sprouted!
This is what I harvested this morning, just love roasted beetroot!!
the corn hasn't done very well, I think this is due to pollination problems- I am going to research this further!