Monday, April 26, 2010

A bit of everything....

I took up the challenge this past week to re-kindle my crochet skills! How fortunate am I to have access to the internet & be able to watch a video on U-tube to ignite my skills that are hidden away somewhere in my memory. My mum taught me to crochet in my early teens, I remember crocheting away but do not remember any finished projects. Miss Abbey was quite impressed with the look of the granny square and has asked to learn how to crochet!! 
These granny squares are the beginnings of a cosy blanket for the couch in my favourite colours!
I just love plum purple!
Miss Evie has been busy, she has a nasty bruise on her forehead after a fall from a dining chair!!
Miss Abbey was away at a friends' birthday sleepover, so Miss Evie and I spent some one on one time.
and she is still fascinated with Shoes.....
I also had time to make a yummy loaf of bread!

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