Friday, April 30, 2010

Mama has been busy

I have been getting stuck into some serious crafting this past week; I have thoroughly enjoyed it and just want to do more!!!!!!!
This is my first attempt to crochet a face washer;
 I also knitted up another simple washer and finished off the scarf for Mum;
I started knitting this cardigan for Miss Evie;
and one night in front of the t.v. I knitted up 15cm, plenty more to go;
I have almost finished another pair of pj bottoms for Miss Evie and made one of my special friend's this cute little pin cushion;
These materials are for another pin cushion for my partner's Mum for Mother's Day;
I have almost finished it;
So now I have done this, I'm off to do some more sewing, or knitting, or crocheting........and I'm looking forward to the weekend!
Ohhh, one more pic, I just love this - my girls sitting at the table together doing some drawing;

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