Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crafting times

It has been 10 whole days since I last posted, oops! Although I must say there has been lots of crafting and creating, so I really am not worried about it! We have been very productive.
Miss Abbey seems to have caught the knitting bug and has clicked away creating 4 granny squares for her knitted blanket.
You can see Miss Abbey's knitting in the bottom left corner of this photo.
A trip the the library last week for Miss Abbey allowed me sometime to peruse the craft section and I had to borrow these inspiring books.
This is my first attempt at a knitted ball, I found the pattern for this ball here; super easy and quick to make! I surprised myself! I am now onto my 4th ball, they are going to make great presents!

The weekend included some playtime outside, we are making the most of the autumn weather.
chasing and catching bubbles is great fun!
and Miss Evie enjoyed some role playing and pretend play.

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