Monday, January 23, 2012

sunflowers, small pickings, and a swap:

I like to grow sunflowers!
I love them, they are bright and cheery and put a smile on my face every time I look at their golden sunshiney-ness.
I like to keep the seeds from my sunflowers.
I keep the seeds to plant the following year and I also like to share my sunflower seeds with family and friends so they can grow their own beautiful sunflowers.
This morning I went to visit my sunflowers, I hadn't checked on their progress for a couple of days.
And this is what I found: *huge gasp*
Now I don't mind sharing some of my seeds with the native birds or nocturnal creatures, but I definitely am not sharing all of them!
After a little huffing and puffing, I cut the sunflower heads off so I can salvage the remaining seeds.
They are going inside the house and into an old pillowcase.

In the veggie garden also this morning I harvested some more small stuff;
yellow toms
the lovely large beetroot, which will be roasted up tonight Jamie Oliver style.
I am looking forward to harvesting these Golden Nugget pumpkins,
The bush cucumbers are making progress,
And I am planning on making a chilli paste with these beauties....I just need to find a recipe.
Have you ever made a chilli paste? How do you preserve your chillies?

This morning I also discovered a Swap!! I have heard of this swap before but never participated.
It is the Vintage Sheet Fat Quarter Swap hosted by Kel over at green tea and red nails

I have signed up and added a link in my sidebar.
I have a couple of vintage sheets in my material stash and I will be venturing out to the op-shops to find some more!
What are you up to on this sunny Monday?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Softies for Mirabel

My Softies are finished and ready to be posted off to Pip @ Meet Me At Mikes.
This one I drew the pattern for the body and legs, it is made from a thrifted flannelette pillowcase (nice and snugly) and the arms and legs are cotton material found in my scraps.
I found the pattern for this knitted teddy on Ravelry; it was a bit fiddly as it is a no sew pattern!
I hope these 2 bring some comfort to the 2 kiddies that will receive them!
edit: go here for more information re: Softies for Mirabel.

Friday, January 13, 2012

small things

* striking red flower
*miniature garlic - very disappointing
*caterpillars by the hundred and one slug
*growing golden nugget pumpkins
*resting ladybug
*miniature lemons - not sure what has gone wrong here....
*flowering parsley
*ripening yellow tommy tomatoes
*bush cucumber flower

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Self Portrait

by our little 3 year old....
Miss Evie Shae

Monday, January 9, 2012

Summer so far......

is passing by far too quick for my liking.

We have been both busy and not so busy and I am exhausted!! 
We celebrated Christmas, New Years' and a 40th birthday - all in a big way; 
we had family stay with us for 10 days (5 adults and 7 children!); 
we have taken day trips to local attractions, parks and beaches, bike rides and walks; 
I have managed to sneak in some crafting; 
and also had plenty of time spent relaxing at home in the pool.
So much fun and so many memories.
Hope you all have had a terrific summer so far!