Friday, May 28, 2010

little treasures

I just love little feet,

and little foot prints,

small memories,

and small treasures that grow so quickly.

I love all things purple,

Miss Evie loves her big sisters' shoes,

I love sunny wash days and the girls playing and enjoying the fresh autumn air.

I will post things Abbey loves and more of Evies' loves.....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wash Wednesday

Finally a sunny sunny Wash Wednesday and some photos of our outside washing line.

The washing line is situated out in the backyard, along side my vege garden. Our strange looking scarecrow keeps an eye on things......

Friday, May 21, 2010

over the past week or so;

What a busy time, doing not much except the norm.....
And yes, I am hearing the little voice inside my head telling me 'you have not posted anything this week!!;
I even missed Wash Wednesday.

Driving home from Miss Abbeys' craft class last week, I looked to my right and thought "WOW" ...the urge was tremendous - I just had to have a photo,  I pulled into the first car park and only just managed to capture this gorgeous sunset over the bay.
It made me think - we do not take advantage of living so close to the water, we really need to spend more time on these sandy shores....

and then on the way home from Miss Abbeys' dance class, I looked out to the bay and thought 'where is the horizon?', it was a kind of foggy and eerie afternoon....

In between Miss Abbey's after school activities, school drop off and pick up, and when all is quiet I have managed to get stuck into some serious crochet. I am determined to have a blanket on the couch before winter officially starts;

Almost there....

My friends' little man is turning 1 this weekend, I have started and will finish these little balls for him;

Slow happenings in the veg patch, I have just sown some seeds which will be planted out in a few weeks until then they are in my little green house;
the nasturtium has gone a little crazy - the leaves are looking rather large.....

and the garlic has sprouted...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wash Wednesday

I must admit that I am quite obsessed with washing - not so much because I love doing the washing but more so because it has to be done just right, and when I came across GardenMama's blog on Wash Wednesday  I got a wee bit excited.
I like my washing hung out and folded neatly and orderley.  Do I sound AR??? Yes I think I do....oh well,
I have been doing the washing since my early teens - household chores were allocated to each of us by my Mum - so I  have a fair amount of experience!
Anyway, here is my Wash Wednesday photo for this week!

My indoor clothesline - due to the wet and cold weather here!

A load of girly colours and a load of floor mats from the bathroom!

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mother's Day

Thank you to my family for making my Mother's Day very special. After being made a delicious cup of coffee, my presents were gifted to me!
And WOW, what a lovely surprise to receive a "very-much-wanted & needed" tiered mini hot house (just perfect to get our vege seedlings off to a strong start!!)
Also a gift voucher to spend at Bunnings, and Miss Abbey chose some wonderful presents from her school Mother's Day stall.

Miss Abbey also made me lots of special cards with words of love and appreciation.

We headed out for breakfast and then it was time for some shopping!!

Thank you my wonderful family for your appreciation and love, I love you all very much!

I LoVe My JoB!!!