Thursday, September 30, 2010

Meet My New Friend....

I have a new friend!!
I have known my friend for only a short time.
I already love my new friend.
My new friend saves me time and money, and is very very helpful.
Would you like to meet my new friend? .....
Yes, I know - I'm introducing you to a bread maker......*sigh* ....
Sorry, I am very excited about my 'new to me' bread maker.
I purchased it on e-bay for a mere $30.
(do you love an auction when you are the only bidder???)

We eat minimal wheat foods here and the spelt bread that I used to buy cost nearly $5 a loaf.
I started making my own spelt bread at home - knead, prove, punch down, prove, etc.
The spelt flour ranges from around $7-$10 a kilo from the health food shop - which is still cheaper than buying a loaf as I get 2-4 loaves from each kilo when mixed with another flour.
The whole family loves our homemade bread and I think the bread maker was a thrifty investment!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Seedlings

I haven't posted much about the vegetable garden recently, not alot happens in the vege patch during winter here. I have grown leeks, beetroot, swede, parsley, carrots, and some spring onions, they have been slow growing!! 
Now that it is spring I am hoping the winter-ish weather will disappear and the warmer spring weather will appear and get things happening.
I planted these seeds in August, only 5 weeks ago.
 I have kept these seedlings in a  mini green house since planting.  
I also follow the Moon Planting Calendar which seems to be working as my success rate is fantastic!
I'm off to check the Moon Calendar to see what is best to be doing this week.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Abbey turns 9!!

Abbey Louise has turned 9!

We celebrated on the day with Abbey's favourite chocolate cake!

During the week I took Abbey and her choice of 2 friends to the movies and then a play at the park.
I don't do big expensive parties, I like to keep it simple. 
 I am bewildered as to how time has gone so quickly, I remember the first time I held you as if it was only yesterday.....
My precious first born, I love you to the moon and back and more!

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Weekend

Our weekend was all about this....
And this gorgeous girl....
more later....

School Holidays

We are half way through the school holidays......our first week has been a relaxing and 'taking it easy' kind of week.
Lazy mornings, reading in bed...
 Playtime in the backyard...

And just enjoying spending time together...

Of course there has been plenty more happening around here, these are just a few of my favourites!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Abbey's far!

My big girl Abbey has had a busy month, lots has been happening both at school and after school activities.
At school she recently had Book character dress-up day, here. And over 8 weeks Abbey participated in a team work activity to build a Billycart. The team had to design and construct a Billycart, write & sing a team song, and come up with a team uniform.
The Snorkel Pigs - Abbey and her team mates.
Abbey also completed her Level 1 Hip Hop Dance exam...
And after 5 years of driving her half an hour for her swimming lessons Abbey has completed 12 levels of skills to become a Graduate Swimmer and is officially 'skilled for life'! 
I am one proud Mamma!! 
Many mornings and nights befores' were spent encouraging and persuading Abbey to keep going with swimming, I knew she had it in her and it was achievable. 
Abbey is now the Best Swimmer in our Family. 
Her strokes are beautiful, she glides through the water with ease and grace, I wish I as good as she is!!!
Abbey Swims Like A Fish!!!
     Yesterday was Graduation Day, we attended the Ceremony where over 200 children graduated from the swimming program.
Phew! It was a long day but well worth it!!
Well Done my Beautiful Girl!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Easy Cardi No.2

Yes, it is almost done. This has been one of those projects that I can pick up and put down with ease and not have to worry about counting or making notes of where I am up to. Too easy in fact. It does become monotonous with continuous garter stitch, but hey it is almost meditation because I don't have to think!
I also made the green cardi. You can find the pattern here. It is in French, I used Google Translator to translate the pattern into English.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Catch Up

The sewing machine has had a real work out of late, so much in fact she has gone for a service this week. I find myself glancing over to where she usually is placed and find myself gasping *she's gone*... she will only be away for 1 week and I'm going to miss her, my reliable companion during times of quiet sleeping children and working partner.....
Here are some pics of what she has assisted me in making for my 2 gorgeous girls, who now look even more gorgeous in their Mamma-made outfits...
1 top and 1 dress for Miss Abbey

1 top and 1 pinafore for Miss Evie
also this one for Miss Evie
Our Little Evie -  just loves to play outside and blow bubbles
I love the simple pleasures my girls' bring me.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Catching Up & My Girl Nim

Yes I have not posted much during the last month, I have excuses but they don't matter!
 I have been spending my spare time crafting, gardening, cooking, house-cleaning, and doing odd jobs outside when it hasn't been raining. The weather has been exceptionally wet this winter, it is lovely to see everything so green!

Miss Abbey had Book Character Dress-up day at school a couple of weeks ago. I began asking her who she would like to dress up as weeks before so I had time to do any required sewing.
Of course she wasn't sure who she would like to dress up as!

A week before the day Abbey decided she would like to go as "Nim" from the much loved book and movie "Nim's Island"!
Abbey loves a little bit of adventure, climbing trees, going to the beach, & animals,  I think she really is Nim!!

What is going on??

Twice I have started projects and twice I have decided that I was not happy with the way things were turning out. What is going on with my creative-ness???

I'm feeling frustrated, I'm feeling disappointed with myself.

This was the first unravelled knit..

And this is the second unravelled crochet....

It now looks like this.....

and I really really love this now the frustration and disappointment can disappear!