Thursday, September 30, 2010

Meet My New Friend....

I have a new friend!!
I have known my friend for only a short time.
I already love my new friend.
My new friend saves me time and money, and is very very helpful.
Would you like to meet my new friend? .....
Yes, I know - I'm introducing you to a bread maker......*sigh* ....
Sorry, I am very excited about my 'new to me' bread maker.
I purchased it on e-bay for a mere $30.
(do you love an auction when you are the only bidder???)

We eat minimal wheat foods here and the spelt bread that I used to buy cost nearly $5 a loaf.
I started making my own spelt bread at home - knead, prove, punch down, prove, etc.
The spelt flour ranges from around $7-$10 a kilo from the health food shop - which is still cheaper than buying a loaf as I get 2-4 loaves from each kilo when mixed with another flour.
The whole family loves our homemade bread and I think the bread maker was a thrifty investment!

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