Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Catching Up & My Girl Nim

Yes I have not posted much during the last month, I have excuses but they don't matter!
 I have been spending my spare time crafting, gardening, cooking, house-cleaning, and doing odd jobs outside when it hasn't been raining. The weather has been exceptionally wet this winter, it is lovely to see everything so green!

Miss Abbey had Book Character Dress-up day at school a couple of weeks ago. I began asking her who she would like to dress up as weeks before so I had time to do any required sewing.
Of course she wasn't sure who she would like to dress up as!

A week before the day Abbey decided she would like to go as "Nim" from the much loved book and movie "Nim's Island"!
Abbey loves a little bit of adventure, climbing trees, going to the beach, & animals,  I think she really is Nim!!


  1. What a gorgeous Nim! It's always lovely to know that books have made such an impression on kids.

    (I have a google alert on the title Nim's Island, in case you're wondering how I saw the post.)

    Wendy Orr

  2. Wow, I'm so happy that you have seen My 'Nim'!! Abbey looooves the movie and I cannot tell you how many times she has watched it because I have lost count!!! Your book was read at her school,and I think from memory you may have payed a visit!?! I am going to buy the book for one of Abbey's birthday presents!! Thank you for your comment!