Monday, September 13, 2010

Abbey's far!

My big girl Abbey has had a busy month, lots has been happening both at school and after school activities.
At school she recently had Book character dress-up day, here. And over 8 weeks Abbey participated in a team work activity to build a Billycart. The team had to design and construct a Billycart, write & sing a team song, and come up with a team uniform.
The Snorkel Pigs - Abbey and her team mates.
Abbey also completed her Level 1 Hip Hop Dance exam...
And after 5 years of driving her half an hour for her swimming lessons Abbey has completed 12 levels of skills to become a Graduate Swimmer and is officially 'skilled for life'! 
I am one proud Mamma!! 
Many mornings and nights befores' were spent encouraging and persuading Abbey to keep going with swimming, I knew she had it in her and it was achievable. 
Abbey is now the Best Swimmer in our Family. 
Her strokes are beautiful, she glides through the water with ease and grace, I wish I as good as she is!!!
Abbey Swims Like A Fish!!!
     Yesterday was Graduation Day, we attended the Ceremony where over 200 children graduated from the swimming program.
Phew! It was a long day but well worth it!!
Well Done my Beautiful Girl!


  1. Wow!!! Congrats to your Abbey, she sure has been a busy little bee..

    Jodie :)