Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Seedlings

I haven't posted much about the vegetable garden recently, not alot happens in the vege patch during winter here. I have grown leeks, beetroot, swede, parsley, carrots, and some spring onions, they have been slow growing!! 
Now that it is spring I am hoping the winter-ish weather will disappear and the warmer spring weather will appear and get things happening.
I planted these seeds in August, only 5 weeks ago.
 I have kept these seedlings in a  mini green house since planting.  
I also follow the Moon Planting Calendar which seems to be working as my success rate is fantastic!
I'm off to check the Moon Calendar to see what is best to be doing this week.


  1. What a great start to your Spring/Summer plantings...

    This is my most favourite time of year, everything is just bursting with life in the vegie patch leaving me dreaming of delicious homegrown meals to prepare for my family..

    Happy Gardening - Jodie :)

  2. Thanks Jodie, I love spring too!! My vege garden is not that big but produces enough for us and I enjoy the whole process from planting seeds to picking and eating home-grown goodies!! Yummo!! And it is great for the kidlets too!! We just need some warm sunshine to give it all a kick start!
    p.s. Thanks for being my very 1st 'follower'. My blog is not very exciting, I write mainly for a journal/record for the girls to have in the future...and I have learnt so much from other blogs - it is just a fantastic community!