Sunday, April 18, 2010

more from my vege patch

Hooray; yesterday I made it my priority to spend lots of time pottering out in the vege patch. There was plenty to do and the weather was just simply delightful, I really enjoy the 'Indian summer' weather, it is my favourite.
I planted out the carrot seedlings, we have 2 varieties, orange and purple!

I planted out the cabbage seedlings, the bottles and cups are to help protect against slugs, snails, and white cabbage moth.
It may look like a photo of sugar cane mulch, but it is actually where the garlic bulbs have been planted out...
Next to plant out will be the new broccoli seedlings that have just started to pop up

I am loving the look of the Leeks, I think they are a bit triffid-ish.....
There are lots of chillies on the way
and Zucchini too

and more delicious Beetroot

and there will be more to plant out next week!!

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