Thursday, April 22, 2010

craftyness + thriftyness

This week has been about making some Mother's Day presents for my Mum;
a simple pin cushion and a lightweight scarf
I have also made a present for a friends' daughter
I found the tutorial for this doll here at One Red Robin.
I made these leggings for Miss Evie from a jumper.
I am going to alter these two ladies t-shirts & turn them into dresses for Miss Abbey.
I found these two patterns at the op-shop yesterday and am planning to knit the girls and myself a top each! Pretty nice bargain!
Just love the '80's hair-do's!!

I came across this blog while browsing the Ravelry site, 
I cannot read or speak French but I become mesmerised while looking through her blog and photos. It must be the idea of everything being French, it truly fascinates me.
I am going to have a go at making this, I have translated the pattern into English using Google, and I will search for some wool or cotton so I can get it started!!

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