Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So Very Grateful

We had a visit from my dearest friend and her daughter yesterday! It was lovely to sit and chat over a cuppa as the girls all played happily together. 
We were given a huge bag of little girl clothes and shoes that have been outgrown! Miss Evie was delighted to have some new shoes to try on!!
 My dear friend does this every couple of months. 
I am so grateful to receive these clothes & shoes for Miss Evie! I had nothing of Miss Abbey's outgrown clothes stashed away as I had passed everything onto another friend believing that there would be no more children for me! I have only had to buy some bare minimals for Miss Evie and I will op-shop before buying new.

Speaking of op-shops..... have a look at what I found.....
I became very excited when I discovered this lovely wooden shape posting toy!! I had to search through several baskets to find all 6 shapes, it must have been my lucky day as they were all there!!!
Miss Evie seems to enjoy the repetitiveness of this game and this morning we started another game with the shapes!
There are so many opportunities for a young child to learn through this activity. 

Also from the op-shop; some material books.
and these too;
I have dyed two of the doilies, the rest will also be dyed other colours. They will be used for sewing onto some future projects. 

For dinner tonight, the Big Ones are having some delicious Chick Pea Curry
 you can find the recipe here. This was so easy to make, I had everything in the pantry, and it is delicious!! 
I am not sure yet what the Little Ones will be eating for dinner.

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