Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Promised!!

I have kept my promise, and I'm here!! Here goes the task of uploading the past 4 months worth of photos and comments... oh, and while I'm here I forgot to mention that we have had computer problems with viruses and changed internet providers - so there are 2 more reasons why I haven't been blogging!!!
 Giant Russian Sunflower and our Scarecrow!!

Me amongst the sunflower and scarecrow!!

A clsoe up of the Giant Russian Sunflower!!

Zucchini Flower

We were provided with a huge amount of zuchini's from this one plant- yum - they were delightful!! I LOVE HOMEGROWN ZUCHINI"S!! Pick them when they are small to enjoy the best they can offer!
The Giant Russian Sunflowers provided much pleasure to me each time I ventured out to the vege patch, their beautiful faces made me smile everytime I looked at them. Hopefully they attracted the bees to pollenate the other veges that needed nature's help! 

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