Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What I did on Wednesday

A busy day today..

Peach Jam making day!
First I washed the peaches, then it was time to remove the skins... ohhh what a process... but eventually I got there....
 Do they look delicious????

The result of the jam making session, 
7 jars of homemade peach jam, and all from nearly 3kgs of free peaches!! 
Time to share ;-)

Also, this week whenever I venture outside I seem to walk into 20 spiderwebs, they're everywhere!!! What is going on with the spiders?????? I find their creative ability amazing and I managed to capture this web on the camera this afternoon!


  1. Your peach jam looks AMAZING!!! I had marmalade recently and heard it was quite a process. But so worth it : ) that is quite a spiderweb!!

  2. That jam looks delicious and like hard work. Enjoy it! xo m.

  3. The jam is delicious and is not that hard to do, it is time consuming though!