Sunday, March 14, 2010

Simple Sundays

Just how I like it, a lovely sunny Autumn day.... a bit of gardening, some household chores, and some time with my girls!
This morning in the vege patch I decided not to let the bugs and beetles get the better of me...or the veges,  they have become a frustrating point lately..eating the broccoli, beans, and tomatoes, and this morning I discovered them on the potatoes!!! So one by one I picked them off and squashed them!!! Sorry Mother Nature, but we need to eat some veges too, and I think the bugs and beetles have had their fare share!!
I also topped up a spot or two with some home made compost, bought compost and sugar cane mulch in preparation of planting out some new seedlings!! 

 Ready to be planted out are 2 different types of beetroot, mini cabbage, 2 different types of carrots, and swede..... let's hope the snails, slugs, and bugs don't enjoy them before we do!!

 In this photo (L-R) you can see potatoes, corn, leeks, chilli, broccoli, zuchini, pumpkin, cos lettuce, and beetroot....
The pumpkins doing their thing... nothing produced .... yet....

 In this photo are (L-R) Tomatoes, foreground are cucumber, rosemary, spring onions and leek....

As you can see there is quite some spare space... lots of planting to do.... just waiting for the moon to be right. I follow the moon planting guide to improve the success of seeds taking, developing, growing and producing,  and so forth.

 The one and only chilli plant... tomorrow I have plans for these hot little babies................. sweet chilli jam, I have made one batch already and it was delicious!!!
I found this recipe on a google search and it is so easy!!

  I omitted the fish sauce as I didn't have any in the pantry!

Happy days....

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  1. What an inspirational garden! Glad to see the size of your seedlings when they're ready to be planted... I wasn't sure when I should dole mine out. They're not quite as big as your yet so I'll give them a little more time. xo m.