Monday, March 7, 2011

Summer Sewing

This post has been sitting as a draft in my list of posts for several weeks and now that summer is over I thought I had best post it!!
Strangely, this summer season has not been a warm one here in our part of the world. 
Disappointing for more than just wanting to enjoy warm sunny days at the
beach or beside our pool.
I had a sewing frenzy one week when the weather was *crappy* and turned out
some summer clothes for the girls.
They have not had a lot of wear but some can be layered with long sleeve t-shirts, leggings or
stockings for the autumn weather.
I was hoping to snap the girls modelling these clothes, but it has been rather difficult to organize. 
So, here we are:
Almost matching dresses - the girls wore these to my big four-o and looked gorgeous!
Matching shorts - at Abbey's request. I think she likes the idea of matching clothes
since wearing the above dresses!
A little 'gypsy' top for Evie.
A 'twirly' skirt for Evie.
A pair of 3/4 pants for Abbey.
Simple summer dresses.
And a Shirt Dress for Evie. 
I found a men's shirt at the op-shop and re-made it into this dress. 
I followed this tutorial!
Most of the clothes were made from patterns from these books;

Purchased on Etsy

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