Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pumpkin update...

Yesterday afternoon I decided it was time to cut open one of our pumpkins!
I have never grown pumpkins before and I was concerned that I had picked them too soon! 
And then I was worried that they had not had enough time in the sun.
I told myself to get over it and just cut the damn thing open!
(I must sound like a fruit cake - who worries about growing and harvesting pumpkins??)
I had to find a very large knife to do the job, I did contemplate getting the 
small axe out but I thought that was not the best choice!!
After a bit of muscle-usage...I could see that I was not going to be disappointed.
ooh la la.....I was getting a little bit excited at this stage.
And then...
I was one very happy Mumma.
Guess what is going to be on the dinner plate most nights this week??

*Edit- note to self* - the pumpkins were picked when the stems began to turn brown-ish. The pumpkins were cut from the plant with approx 10cm of stem. The pumpkins were placed on a table with a good amount of direct sun for 7-10 days, before the first pumpkin was cut open.


  1. That looks gorgeous. So fun to see a pumpkin that is not orange. It is always so strange to see someone harvesting pumpkins just a little before the time we start planting seeds over here.
    ;-) One thing we love to do with some of our pumpkin is to cook it and freeze it to have on hand for pumpkin cinnamon buns - they're delicious!

  2. Isn't it funny how unfamiliar things can be intriguing? I find your orange pumpkins very intriguing!! I have cooked and frozen half of this pumpkin! Pumpkin cinnamon buns sound yummy! Is this one of your recipes Heather??

  3. Oh, gorgeous!! I can feel your delight from here. You have picked them at the right time, you can tell by the way the stalk is dying off and becoming brown and brittle. Happy eating. :)