Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Meal in a Bowl

I enjoy cooking. In fact, I love cooking.
I love providing my family with healthy & nutritious meals that I have made from scratch, 
(even though the little one usually only picks and grazes).
One of my favourite light meals/side dish is cous cous.
Cous cous is a simple, quick, and versatile dish.
What I like about cous cous, is you can have it plain or add any of your favourite ingredients.
This is one take of how I serve cous cous.
All I do is cook the cous cous following the packet instructions.
I pan fry any of these chopped ingredients: onion, garlic, bacon, baby spinach, roast pumpkin, snow peas, and either chick peas or red kidney beans.
I then mix the above ingredients with the prepared cous cous.
And there you have a quick and easy meal in a bowl!


  1. mmm, yum! We love couscous here, too, especially with pepitas, sultanas or something other surprise scattered through! A delicious looking dinner in a bowl you have there :)

  2. Yes it was a delicious meal! The best part was the home grown pumpkin! :)