Monday, October 25, 2010

Easy Cardi No.3

I've started another one of these, this one is for Abbey.

I have made 2 for Evie, here and here.

This one I need to make bigger than the pattern size.  Fingers crossed I have done this right.
I measured my tension on Evie's Cardi, took Abbey's measurements and then worked out the number of stitches to get the width and length of the back, front and sleeves for a bigger size.
I probably could have searched the Internet or asked someone on Ravelry on how to knit a bigger size, I needed a bit of brain stimulation and now I'm too afraid to check if it is right. Well, not exactly afraid. I like a challenge and I'm looking forward to see how it turns out...if there is a mistake - I'll learn from it!

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