Thursday, October 14, 2010

Grateful for Sharing

I am so grateful that there are like minded people out there who are willing to share so much here in 'Blog-land'. I discovered 'Blog-land' almost 12 months ago and  right away I felt at home. I have learnt, laughed, and cried, and so much more here in this world, more than I can put into words - and may bore most people!! 
I have become a better person for myself, my family, my home,  and our planet. 
I love to try new recipes and crafty things to make with my hands that benefit us, our home, or someone close to us - 'Blog-land' enables this to happen for me.

Here are some things that I have made over the past few weeks after being inspired by Blogger's that share so much... 

From the vege patch I used our homegrown organic beetroot to make this delicious Chocolate Beetroot Cake from Meagans' blog -  ecoMILF;

 Jodie from Jellywares shared here home-made soap recipe. This is my tea-tree & oat version;

After seeing this, I just knew that I had to make one. I used this pattern as a guide to crochet myself a diary/journal/notebook cover - this one is for a Christmas present;
I need to add some embellishments to finish it to my liking. 
 And a second one is on the hook for an upcoming birthday present for a friend's daughter.
I am very pleased with these book covers. I will definitely post pictures of the finished products.

Thanks again to all of the wonderful sharing and creative Bloggers!


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