Monday, November 21, 2011


In the post are my two swap parcels! 
These are my second and third swaps that I have joined in on.
I am really enjoying participating in swaps, it is a pleasure to make something for someone that I have never met and to receive something from someone else is a little bit exciting. 
I love it when the postie delivers a little parcel, don't you?
Anyway, the first swap I entered is with Jodie from over at The Haby Goddess
Jodie organised a Christmas Kris Kringle swap with a theme of red and white.
Here is the Kris Kringle gift that I made:
A Christmas Star garland; 
the pattern can be found over at Jelly Wares.
I hope the recipient loves these cute little stars as much as I do and that she has a special little place to hang them in her home!
The second swap that I entered is with another Jodie, from over at Jelly Wares.
This is an Anonymous Wash Cloth Swap. 
We were asked to make our swap partner feel special, so along with the washer I have gifted her some yummy chocolates, a small candle, and some round cotton pads....I imagine every girl loves chocolate and I hope my swap partner can enjoy hers in a hot bath lit by candle light with nice soft eye pads soaked in lavender water covering her eyes and maybe even a glass of her favourite beverage......ahhhhh, sounds relaxing don't you think? 
And today the postie delivered my Haby Goddess Kris Kringle gift to me!
This is from Fussy Eater's Mum. 
Thank you Margaret
I will be proudly decorating our Christmas tree this year with your gorgeous Merry Berries!

I am looking forward to receiving my special washcloth next! and I will be on the lookout for another swap to join in on, might wait til after Christmas though!


  1. Oh Sharon thank you! I am so glad that you like the berries.

    Your stars are terrific! I will have to teach myself how to crochet to make them.

    Thank you for participating in the swap. It's been great fun.

    Happy holidays to you!

  2. I love the garland! I am making crochet Christmas stars/ decorations for our Christmas branches this year (have only just learnt crochet!) after seeing these gorgeous ones:

    I have also seen some stars like those on Made It & love them... they are so neat compared to mine!! What a great swap to receive!

  3. hello
    i love the christmas looks wonderful red and white are my favorite colors for christmas.
    wonderful blog.
    greetings from germany,