Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Made by Mama

Mama has been busy, click click, chop chop, mix mix, sew sew, wash wash, clean clean........

Finished: one cosy crochet blanket for the couch, Abbey enjoyed a snuggle within it's warmth last night.

Sewn: one jersey top to wear around the house, made from material found at the op-shop.

Cooked: Chick pea & Spinach ala Sharon.... recipe soon..... yummmo.....

Stewed: Apples and plums.... with a dash of honey, very delicious.

Baked: one home-made loaf of Oatmeal and Spelt Bread, recipe soon....

Eaten: one dozen Berry Coconut Muffins,

Clean windows thank you Evie, you and the vinegar/water did a superb job!

and then Mama started .....

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