Monday, November 30, 2009

Sentimental Sunday!

 Amid my pottering on Sunday morning, I placed two ceramic snails in the front garden. Miss 8 ventured outside during the day and hollered with amazement -  "MUM, there's snails in the garden! And they're huge! Where did they come from?"

The snails were made by me as a gift to my now late Grandmother. I collected them from her garden after her passing, they have some sentimental value and have placed these old snails near the front door as a little reminder of our dear Golly Gosh (a nick-name given to her by myself and Miss 8 to avoid the confusion of 2 grandma's and 1 great grandma).
Golly Gosh loved gardening and her favourite plant was the Rose - one day I am going to plant some roses in her memory and I think the snails wil be placed nearby!
Golly Gosh Snails in my garden!

Miss 8 seemed to be feeling quite sentimental after this conversation as a short time later she appeared from her bedroom with a card that she had made for me! I held back the tears and bravely smiled as I thanked her for her kind and loving words, it's definetly these precious little moments that make being a mum so rewarding! And I am very lucky to have a daughter who expresses her thoughts and feelings through her art & craft!

The front and back of the card. Miss 8 found one of her baby photos!

I love you so so so so so so much too!

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