Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday morning

After so much wonderful and much needed rain over the weekend, we awoke to clear skies, sunshine and a light breeze! Just perfect! What a great start to the week!

I was eager to get outside and inspect our vege patch and see what progrees the rain had encouraged and to also see if the snails and slugs had gone berserk! Wow, I was not disappointed!

Everything looks great and the snails and slugs have been well behaved!!

The only miniscule downside from all of the wonderful rain is poor
Mr Scarecrows' face has faded away!
Oh well, Miss 8 will have something to keep her busy after school. She will just have to reproduce her first efforts at a very characteristic face!
I will post a photo of Mr Scarecrows' new facial features very soon!!

And with the warm sunshine today, we can only hope for more growth and changes!!

Today's thought: I am open to the new and changing!

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