Friday, March 9, 2012

Inside My Caravan :: Part 2 ::

I have not blogged about my caravan renovation since the one and only post way back here
It is becoming a long drawn out project - which I had not planned or wanted to happen.
There have been menial and boring jobs that have had to be done which have given me feelings of deflation and a lack of enthusiasm, and to be honest I have floundered and almost given up.
Fortunately my Hubby has given me several boosts of encouragement (there is an expression for this action) and has made me overcome tears of frustration and feelings of being overwhelmed. 
So here is a progress report of sorts....
I have removed all of those awful wood panel walls, the wardrobe, the ceiling, and the worst job has been removing hundreds of tiny staples from the wood frame.
I am keeping the over head cupboards for storage of my crafty bits and bobs.
Then there is this window to contend with;
there is a leak that I will get Hubby to take a look at for me. 
 I have rung an electrician to do the necessary electrical repairs/work.
We arranged the time for him to come for a look, and he has not shown up (more deflation). 
I will make another call to him next week.
I am collecting styrofoam boxes to use for the ceiling insulation, which can be put in once the electrician has done his work with the wiring.
I still have the floor to replace and the walls will be next to insulate and replace.
Then the serious stuff can happen,
a coat of paint inside and out,
a custom built table for the sewing machine and over locker,
and a bench seat with storage,
and my favourite part will be to decorate this beauty with my stuff.

Stay tuned.......

p.s. any words of encouragement will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In my situation, it took me two and a half years (including the hiatus period) to completely polish and furnish my caravan. The upshot was really satisfying, and the wait and effort were all worth it! Anyway, how’s the renovation project going?

    - Kurt Bukowski