Thursday, May 5, 2011

Inside My Caravan

This is what my caravan renovation looks like on the inside so far.....
As you can see I have removed most of the panels from the walls and doors from the cupboards. 
There is still a lot more to do!
It is already looking much better without the interesting wood panelling! 

I usually have my little helper with me while I work, so to keep the little helper occupied I set up play things outside on the grass - but it's not long before the little helper continually needs or wants something and I have to stop and start!  
I'm hoping that my little helper will be occupied over the weekend by her doting Dad (he has a couple of much needed days off ), which will hopefully allow me to get some work done - uninterrupted!

The blue tarp that is covering the broken window has been finally removed - we now have a brand new window! 

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  1. Oh wow that looks like a big job. But what a great craft space you'll have at the end of it all. Looking forward to seeing your progress.