Monday, September 5, 2011

Let there be light!

 We have come to the conclusion that it is a pesky possum eating the purple (red) cabbage leaves!!
It all started back here.
 There are only a few little leaves left on most of the plants... I do not hold much hope for what is left!
I pulled this one out as I didn't think it had any chance of growing into a delicious red cabbage!
 I also discovered that the pesky possum seems to enjoy swedes too!!

On the weekend, I heard a great tip on how to possibly deter possums from having a nibble in your vegetable garden at night...
Apparently they like to eat in the dark, so if there is light they will not eat!
I only put the solar lights into the garden yesterday and will be monitoring the cabbages this week to see if the lights have done their job.
My fingers are crossed!


  1. Did you have any luck with the solar lights? I've been having the same problem and put in 2 solar spotlights this morning. It rained last night, so they didn't eat anything, but tonight might be another story. I don't really want to resort to bird netting, but I'm leaving my options open!

  2. I think the lights did help deter the possum/s but we also discovered that we had bush rats hanging around - which we had to deal with as they were scurrying around the eaves of the house - so I am not sure which critter was actually nibbling away in the vegie patch.
    We managed to get a couple of cabbages in the end - good luck with your vegies - hope the lights work for you!