Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Last week when I ventured out to our vegetable patch, I was devastated to see a very hungry critter/creature had enjoyed a feast on my much loved growing purple cabbages, mostly the outer leaves were untouched, the middle and some of the newer leaves had been eaten - obviously quite delicious for the offending critter/creature!!
Below is how my precious purple cabbages looked only 5 days before the above photo.
So, after some huffing and puffing, and a little cursing, (I like to think of it as a reaction to growing-your-own-veg-only-to-be-utterly-disappointed-by-the-hunger-of-a-self-indulging-critter), I calmed down, had a closer inspection of the damage and a quiet think about things.

I am not sure if it is snails, slugs, possums, or possibly a rat!!

I decided it was time to take some preventative measures into place, albeit environmentally friendly but hopefully keeping the offending critter off MY PURPLE CABBAGES!!!
Firstly, I did an almost midnight dash with the torch to the vegetable patch hoping to discover any sign of the offending critter/creature - nothing observed.....
 So the next option I decided to try was the crushed egg shells tactic....
and so far, so good. No more cabbage leaves have been eaten! 
I am not sure if the success so far is the effectiveness of the egg shells or the fact that there isn't much left there to eat!! I am hoping that my precious purple cabbages recover to produce us with a feast!


  1. Ah,creatures know well which leaves are delicious!
    It's so difficult to grow vegetables without pesticide..
    I try to grow some kinds of vegetables in my narrow balcony every year, but in vain :(
    Egg shells are nice solution! I'll try that!

  2. You are right Tae, they do know which leaves are the most delicious! Egg shells are supposed to deter slugs and snails from the plants.....I would love to see your balcony with some vegetables growing!! There are many things you can grow in plant pots!!