Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More Autumn Planting

I struggle a little with what to grow this time of the year. 
Being in a cold climate not a lot grows during the cooler months. 
Currently growing in the patch are broccoli, spring onions, lettuce, basil, brown and red onions.
The beetroot seedlings are ready to be planted out, and the spinach, rocket, and compact silver beet seeds have begun to sprout. 
I have planted leek, more broccoli, mini cabbage, turnip, and chillies (which will hopefully be given away as Christmas presents) into containers and put them into the mini green house.
As an experiment I have also planted some butter bean seeds and will keep them in the green house during the cooler weather. I'm not going to plant them out into the vege patch and I'm really hoping that they will grow and produce beans for us. 
I have moved the green house into a spot that will get sun for most of the day, fingers crossed this will help the butter beans along. 
I'll sow more beetroot, silver beet, spinach, onion, and snow pea seeds this week.   
I really want to get some potatoes going also. I think I'm going to put them into large pots beside the green house and continually top up the soil to produce a larger crop. I'm still learning a lot about growing veges, and I'm not really sure if the potatoes will be successful this time of the year.
The pumpkins are still producing flowers and I have tried to self pollinate 2 or 3 female flowers to no avail. 
I think it is too late in the season. I should be grateful with the 3 pumpkins we received that volunteered themselves from the compost.
This week I'm going to rip out the tomato plants and prepare to plant out some garlic and the beetroot seedlings.

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