Wednesday, April 27, 2011

First Fire

The most perfect sunny days and cool nights.

My favourite time of the year.
We lit our first fire this Easter/ANZAC day long weekend.
It was lovely.
 Little Miss Mischief got up to this;
and also a little too much of this!
Abbey went camping - her first time out in the bush for 3 nights!
These are some photos she took with her camera.

She loved it. We missed her.

The tomatoes were pulled out, and new seedlings put in.
 I am a little proud of my home-made climbing frames for the snow peas. 
I found the wire on a nature strip - 3 large pieces!  Some one's trash was definitely my treasure.
All I had to do was slip a wooden stake through the wire and I had 3 frames for climbing vegetables!
Leeks, swede, cabbage, turnip, and snow pea seedlings in amongst the broccoli, onions, lettuce, spring onions, and beetroot.
Garlic was also planted out. 
I also had time to do a bit of this.
and this...
yes, 2 on the go at once!
I like a bit of variety....that's my excuse anyway....

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