Friday, July 23, 2010

This one is for me!

I am going to make myself one of Leonie's Wrap Vests
Actually, I think I might make 2, one knitted and one crocheted just like this one.
I found a jumper at the op-shop that I am going to recycle for my knitted version.

It can be mundane work un-doing a knitted jumper, sometimes frustrating but it is also exciting to think that I am going to have all of this wool for a measly $4!!
I have undone half of the jumper and I already have about 4-5 balls of wool. I reckon that is fantastical, not to mention slightly thrifty !!

This is how my wrap vest looks so far - knitted:
Now that I am about half way into this knitted version, my busy brain is starting to move into crochet mode... oh but what colour could I use??? Best I go and do some op-shopping!!!

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