Friday, January 21, 2011

First pickings of the summer...

Finally ....
Yesterday I picked the first for this "summer" season....there wasn't alot to pick, but it's a start!
We have had strange weather this summer and the vege garden does not seem to be doing as well as last year. The snails and slugs have been having a nice old feast too!
How small are those two tomatoes??
They are very tiny!
There are lots more coming,
I have been feeding them up with lots of good stuff,  we are hoping the next lot picked will be not-so-tiny!!
The squash are doing their thing.
and so are the chillies!
We also have corn, basil, beetroot, lettuce, pumpkin, rocket, snow peas, cucumber, potatoes, and zucchini growing.
The Giant Russian Sunflowers aren't so giant yet!
We need lots of warm sunshine to give everything a big boost!

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