Saturday, January 22, 2011

:: 2011 List ::

I'm a bit of a list junkie. I use lists daily.
I only came to realise how much I rely on lists recently when I posted this post.
I do like lists!
My busy mind has been continuously building a "to-do" list.
There are plenty of things on my list.
There are things that I would like to sew, make, crochet, knit, do, cook,
finish, see, and have-a-go at.
I'm starting to think that this list is getting too long for me to remember everything!
Instead of leaving this list of things floating around in my head I have decided to "publish"
"My 2011 List",

:: My 2011 List ::

*knit myself a cardigan

*finish Abbey's cardigan

*crochet a granny blanket for a friend

*bake more cookies

*make a quilt for a young lad

*sew the girl's new dresses, skirts, and shorts

*finish Evie's granny square blanket

*ride my bike more often

*go on a family holiday

*make more jam

*use the slow cooker regularly

*find some delicious slow cooker recipes

*take a walk to the back beach more often
*watch more sunsets

*sew some dresses for myself from these books

*finish renovating my retro caravan into my craft room
*decorate my craft room/caravan

*grasp and take pleasure in turning 40!

*make time to read more

*buy a new pair of shoes

*teach Abbey how to crochet

* note to self - this list may be added to at anytime and there is no set date that these things be achieved by* (too much pressure is not good for one's state of health or mind).

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