Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Giant Russian Sunflowers

I was given a small packet of saved seed from a friend.
Handwritten on the packet was
"Giant Russian Sunflower Seeds".
Last year I planted some of these seeds.
I am so pleased that I did.
You can see photos of them here ,
and yes I am standing beside the sunflower!
These sunflowers are a joy!
I saved seed from last summer's crop.
I have shared some of these special seeds with family and friends
and I have also undertaken a mass planting!
I'm thinking I'm going to plant a 'wall of sunflowers' along my side fence.

Here are the first seedlings. 
This photo was taken 26 Oct '10
All just starting to pop up.

This is how they look today;
 23 Nov '10

Abbey and I have just sewn another 24 seeds.
The weather has been warm and sunny, I think this second lot will be quick to pop up!
I am looking forward to seeing lots of these gorgeous flowers!

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